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PostSubject: Moderators   Moderators EmptyJanuary 2nd 2008, 11:25 pm

I have decided on a new Moderator, so no one else is needed. The next time I look for mods (which will depend on the number of members) I will be asking specific people that have in some way shown moderator-like qualities, or have demostrated responsiblity, leadership, and respect for the rules (among other things as well). I will consider everyone.


We have over 55 members, and I have to get back into a very stressful time of year school-wise. I also have finished all the little twicks and behind the scenes improvements, so I think it's about time to promote some of you to moderators.
Now, I have had a lot of people on here ask me via pm about moderator positions, and I have told everyone that then was not the right time. This doesn't mean that I will automatically pick you because you asked me first. That is not how this works.
This is how it will actually work:
1) Think about it: do you really want to be a moderator? Why? So you can do a few extra things on here and rub it in others faces (either implicitly or explicitly)?
2)If yes, I want you to pm me explaining why. It can be one line, or as long as you want it to be. As you are all writers, I don't feel that asking you to justify your reasonings is asking too much. I'm also not asking you to write me a 10 page essay; just a few lines on:
-what you will do
-anything that could be helpful
I'm not giving you any specifics because I want you to come up with it on yor own
3)Edit your pm message. It is no secret that I am very passionate about proper sentences, grammer, and spelling. This is just a tip, not in anyway a requirement
4) Send me the pm.
5) Wait for a reply, and further instructions.

You will be getting the rules, and guildlines (that must be followed or else), but more on that if you get it.

Some of you may be wondering why I chose to assign moderators like this; well it's simple. I think you would all make great moderators, and I know most of you pretty well; I trust you. So I wanted to make sure that everyone got their fair chance to become a moderator, because no one deserves it anymore than another.

I won't be deciding for a little while yet, because I want to make sure everyone has a chance to get their pm's into me. It also involves some work on my part to get things ready, so don't pm me fifty times asking if you go it.

Much Love, and Good Luck,
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