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 Special Ranks

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Special Ranks Empty
PostSubject: Special Ranks   Special Ranks EmptyJanuary 7th 2008, 8:52 pm

Here are the special ranks, we have so far. There might be more added later.

Queen of the Quill- JB
Second in Command- Apolla Savre
Graphics Guru- Annie
Keeper of The Flying Spagetti Monster- xXTwilightGrlXx
Our Resident Ghost- That_Ghostie_Chick
Snoop dog- ceenindee

And remember DO NOT BEG!
Just don't, JB has powers you don't want to know off. Very Happy

"Don't get me wrong. I still think true love's out there it's just very far away. Possibly in another galaxy. We may need to develop faster than light travel before we can make contact."
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Special Ranks
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