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 *Writer of the Week*= Ceenindee

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Interview Specialist
Interview Specialist

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PostSubject: *Writer of the Week*= Ceenindee   May 25th 2008, 8:29 pm

Okay, this week's spotlight goes to Ceenindee. Send me your questions for this wonderful writer.

Thanks to Apolla, it was so magnificent to get to know you better!
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Interview Specialist
Interview Specialist

Number of posts : 4424
Location : Hopefully my writing side of my brain...
Registration date : 2008-01-13

PostSubject: Re: *Writer of the Week*= Ceenindee   May 26th 2008, 11:07 am

1) First name: Eep! I'm not supposed to post it on the internet. It starts with a C, so you can just use your favorite C name. Cheryl...Caroline...Connie

2) Age: I'm not supposed to post that either, even though I think I've let it slip before. Maybe you can just make an educated guess from my behavior?

3) When did I start writing: Four? Five? As soon as I learned how. I used to staple pieces of scratch paper together and make my own books.

4) Inspirations: Life in general, especially kids. If I ever became a freelance writer, I would write for children.

5) Favorite books/authors: Too many to list! But off the top of my head, Stephen King, Scott Westerfeld, Shel Silverstein, and Stephenie Meyer. Lots of S's . I also really love Harry Potter, Life of Pi, and Watership Down. I've read that last one to pieces.

6) Any piece of work you'd like to share: Sure! I wrote this poem about the 90s not too long ago; you guys might find it amusing.

Quote :

The 90s
I remember...
Spice Girls, N*SYNC,
Backstreet Boys, Britney, P!nk,
Power Rangers, All That!
GUTS! Recess, Rugrats,
Tamagotchi, Gigapets,
Furby, Bop It!, Simon Says,
Beanie Babies, Oregon Trail,
Instant message, email,
Goosebumps, Sitter'sClub,
Animorphs, Arthur, Doug,
Hidden Temple, Macarena,
The teenage witch they called Sabrina,
Crazy Daisy, Go-Gurt, Tang,
Ren, Stimpy, Pinky, Brain,
Supersoakers, Disney movies,
Back when cartoons came in 2D,
Captain Planet, Bowser, Sega,
Looking for Carmen San Diego,
Polly Pocket, the Sorcerer's Stone,
Nerf balls, Hot Wheels, Wish Bone,
The 90s stay close to my heart,
But yes...
I'm still Afraid of the Dark.

7) Favorite Music: I will listen to just about anything. Some of my top artists are Nickelback, Nelly, Hans Zimmer, Thomas Newman, Coldplay, and the Beatles (or at least the Across the Universe soundtrack ).

Cool Favorite fictional character and would you be friends: Dess, from Scott Westerfeld's Midnighters. I'm not gothy or math-oriented, but I like her sense of humor and I sympathize with her character.

9) Have you patterned your characters after yourself in any way? If so, what aspects of yourself go into your character and does your character look like you or someone else? (you donít have to share a picture of anything...if you do, only links please): Yes, I can see pieces of myself in all the characters, even the villain. None of the characters look like me or anyone I know, but there's usually someone who's introverted, like me, or who laughs at the same kind of jokes.

10) Something strange or unique about yourself that no one else would know: I still have nine baby teeth. There weren't any permanent ones to push them out. But my dentist knows that, of course.

11) What made you want to start writing: I can't remember. I've always loved reading, and I used to play pretend all the time, and I guess the two just kind of came together sometime during kindergarten.

12) What was the first thing you ever wrote: I can't remember that either. I know wrote a lot of Eyewitness-style nature books, because I was very into reptiles and dinosaurs when I was little. And when I was seven or thereabouts I wrote this romance, and I changed the boyfriend's name from Joe to Tom right in the middle, just for the heck of it.

13) What's your favorite genre to write: children's poetry or YA Supernatural/Horror. I'm kind of Jekyll and Hyde with my writing, butterflies and sunshine one minute, zombies the next.

14) How has your life influenced your writing: Oh, a lot of ways. I subconsciously write about life lessons I'm learning right now. Sometimes I like to imagine how a book report about my stories might look, and the thesis almost always goes along with whatever's happening in my life at the time.

15) Do your family members/friends go into your writing: Not intentionally, no. But sometimes they end up a part of it anyways. A friend of mine was going through some hardship last year, and I just realized the other day my protagonist was patterned off of her.

16) Are you working on a novel currently or something else: I've got a story that's very close to novel-ness (5K to go!), and a poetry collection that I add to whenever something comes out.

17) What's your most impressive accomplishment to date: Writing wise? Probably that I have around 110 poems now. I know there are people my age with two and three times as many, but I frankly am happy just to get into triple digits. It took forever.

18) What are you most proud of: I'm doing well in school, and I have good friends (including you guys ).

19) What do you want to be when you grow up: I don't know! Ah! Teaching, maybe, since I like kids. I think it'd be awesome to go into screenwriting for Pixar or something, but that's just a fantasy for now.
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*Writer of the Week*= Ceenindee
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