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 Deleted Posts and Problems!! September 22nd

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Deleted Posts and Problems!! September 22nd Empty
PostSubject: Deleted Posts and Problems!! September 22nd   Deleted Posts and Problems!! September 22nd EmptySeptember 22nd 2008, 8:00 pm

i was on this forums host site forum (ya...it's intense like that), and yes, they have been having problems that apparently have affected most, if not all forums (according to them).
And i quote:

"Hello Everyone,

Yes we have had a General Error issue with all forumotion forums at this time. But Please remain calm as The techs are working on resolving this issue as we speak. This problem will be rectified as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvience.

~ Nessa" (aka one of their mods)

If you find that posts are gone, unfortunately they are not coming back. I have restored the forum to the best I can, but because of what they are doing/did, I can't do anything more then the repairs I have done. You should be able to see the forum and the posts that were not permanently deleted. From what they said, posts from after sunday morning are gone, and I am sorry for that.
Some forums were affected differently (just as an interesting side note here), and apparently all of some forums posts were deleted and basically their entire forum, and have yet to return. Templates are gone, fonts and colours mixed and unchangeable- basically a lot of things are a mess right now for many people.
I'll be on here trying to see what I can do, because I plan on finding out what I can do as soon as they say what is going on. Hopefully this won't happen again (they might end up having a bunch of very angry forum admins, mods and members!).
If you see any problem- even if you think i know or a million people have already told me- please pm me! I would like to make sure that every problem or glitch is accounted for.
If you have ANY of these problems, please tell me-
setting up an account
logging in
changing account settings
seeing posts/thread/cateogories
creating topic threads
navigating part of the forum
accessing parts of the fourm

I have taken down the Chatbox because it was acting weird, but it will be back up once this is all solved.
Thank you everyone and sorry for and inconvience or frustration this has caused!
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Deleted Posts and Problems!! September 22nd Toopreciousforthisworld
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Deleted Posts and Problems!! September 22nd
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