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 RULES of the Forum - Updated

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RULES of the Forum - Updated Empty
PostSubject: RULES of the Forum - Updated   RULES of the Forum - Updated EmptyFebruary 27th 2009, 3:22 pm

It has been over a year since the Writer's Draft forum first started, and it is time to update the rules. These are in place so to create a better and healthier environment for everyone, and are mandatory for every single member to follow. If you do not agree with something said here, you may talk to: JB (administrator), Annie, Apolla Savre, E.C. Dahlia, or xXTwilightGirlXx (moderators). Those that were mentioned are the WD team, and are here voluntarily to run this forum and help the members of it. Please read all of the rules completely and thoroughly, as they are for your benefit.

1) Avatars and Signatures:
Avatars are to be 200x150 pixels. Anything that is deemed inappropriate by the WD team will be taken down, or the person will be banned. In minor cases, the person(s) will be warned and given 24 hours to take it down. Failure to comply will result in being banned
Signatures can be a maximum of 200 pixels tall, and 450 pixels across. Anything that is deemed inappropriate by the WD team will be taken down, or the person will be banned. In minor cases, the person(s) will be warned and given 24 hours to take it down. Failure to comply will result in being banned.

2) Topics:
You may add topics under the conditions that no topics of similar interest have already been created, provided that the member first consults someone from the WD team. This means looking through the section pages to make sure that no other topic is similar. If the topic you post is too closely related to another, it will be taken down without warning, or merged with another topic of similar interest. Members are not allowed to create topics of strictly personal interests (i.e. "The Best Concert I Have Ever Been To!", "What I Dislike About My School", "What Should I Do About This?", etc). If the threads created in anyway breaks the rules listed anywhere in this post, it will be taken down. If a member creates topics repeatedly, they will be either: contacted through private message (pm), their permissions to create topics will be taken away, or banned. Member's posts must also relate directly to the topic they are posting under.

3) "Net Speak":
Please do not use net speak. Examples of "words" are: 'cuz', 'u', 'plez' (etc). If it is seen a few times, it will edit your post and put two * around the word and changed. Posts with net speak may also be deleted, and the member contacted.

4) One Word/Simple Posts and Double Posting:
Posts like "Me too!", or "Not at all", or "Obviously" (etc) are also not allowed. Please explain why you feel a certain way. If not, they will be deleted, and the member could be contacted. Double posting, or posting immediately after a post posted by the same member is not allowed, unless an extended amount of time has past.

5) Opinions and Controversial Topics:
We are a group of different people, therefore we will have different opinions on many many things. It is against the rules of the forum to post hurtful comments about controversial topics (examples: religion, political views, etc). Posting hurtful comments regardless of the nature of the topic, could also result in a warning and or ban.

6) Swearing or Inappropriate Language:
Do not swear. The word(s) in question will be edited, or the post deleted. If it done in an excess of posts, a warning will be given and dependent on severity and frequency, the member responsible will be facing a ban. Words NOT considered swearing are: crap, suck, hell (in the right context), etc. If a member is not sure what is considered a swear word, DO NOT post it and talk to someone on the WD team.

7) Chatbox Rules:
The Rules of the Chatbox are the same as in the main forum page of the WD (meaning the exact same rules listed in this post), since the Chatbox is still in the WD domain. The WD team has the ability to ban members from the Chatbox, as well as take the Chatbox down altogether.

8.) Personal Information Sharing:
Unless clearly expressed permission is given from the member in question, other members are not allowed to share any personal information about other forum members (i.e. first and/or last name, locations, etc). Posts may be deleted and the person contacted through private message.

Anyone found breaking the rules below, will be banned. No exceptions:

9) The WD Team:
Respect the Admin and Moderators at all times. The WD team is here on a voluntary basis and are trying to make this forum a fun and well-running forum. If you have any concerns with a Moderator, please contact JB through pm. Any unjust accusations done by a member, will not be tolerated.

10) Content:
Defamatory, racist, hateful, pornographic, illegal or insulting content will, in no way be tolerated. If a member is found posting any of these, have them included in an avatar or signature, or sent them to a person(s) through pm, the member will be banned without warning from this site.

Warning To Everyone:
Plagiarism or stealing of work and/or intellectual property of any member is prohibited. Everyone must keep in mind that this is an internet site, and the WD team has no way of ensuring the intentions of every member that joins. If you post work on this forum, be aware that it can be stolen. Be cautious; people can not steal what is not there. If in any way you suspect someone of stealing your work or your ideas, contact a member of the WD team.

The length of a ban on a member for breaking any of these rules is done case by case, and can be temporary or permanent.

We appreciate your time in reading these rules and following them,
The Writer's Draft Team

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RULES of the Forum - Updated Toopreciousforthisworld
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RULES of the Forum - Updated
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