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 Helpful Info and Admin Updates

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Helpful Info and Admin Updates Empty
PostSubject: Helpful Info and Admin Updates   Helpful Info and Admin Updates EmptyDecember 26th 2007, 12:01 am

April 23rd, 2008
-All WW are scheduled for the last weekend every month
-Schedule is different for this month

Notes: Check out "The Box" for further details as well as the Events board. Still open for discussion so let us know what you think

March 24th, 2008
-WW coming up this weekend, March 29th-30th
-Introduction of "Writer of the Week"

Notes: Make sure you plan time this weekend to participate in the WW. For more info about WWs in general, visit here. If you plan to attend, are unsure, or can't this time, you can vote here. Also, pianist_18 has been thinking and working hard to add a "Writers of the Week" spotlight in which every week someone from this forum will answer a variety of questions and be put in the spotlight. To read more about it click here. I encourage everyone to get involved! Major thanks goes to pianist_18 for this! Bravo!

February 11th-17th, 2008
-New Moderator (E.C. Dahlia)
-Contest opened today!

Notes: Hey everyone, we have recently welcomed E.C. Dahlia to our ranks as a Moderator (congrats!). On a different note, this is the last day to get in your contest entries! Get them in!

February 10th, 2008
- JB is back
-New Moderators will be informed of acceptance today

Notes: Hey everyone, if you didn't realize I was gone, good. If you did, well I was called away from Friday evening to Saurday at 9am. I slept from about 9:30 to 7:00pm, and had somethings I needed to get down asap. I am so sorry about it and the fact that I broke my promise of getting the mod. postions handed out on Friday. I won't be on much today due in part because I feel really sick and extremely gross. This is the worst I have felt in a a while, but, never fear, for I will be pm-ing moderators and the new mods about the things they need to know.
Sorry if this wasn't the most coherent thing in the world, and I want you all to have a great week.

Februray 6th, 2008

Notes: I have updated the Rules as we have evolved on the WD, and I would like everyone to look them over again, especially if you were some of the first members to join. I have not said every time that I have updated the Rules, but I think it is time for a refresher. This is only going to benefit you, and with new Moderator(s) coming in on the scene, it would be in your best interest.

February 4th, 2008
-Moderators will be decided by this weekend
-Twilight Contest (#2) has a due date of Saturday 16th, and a deadline of Sunday 18th (by noon WD time)
-Congradulations to all WW participants; you did splendidly

Notes: JB is exhausted. This isn't relavent to anyone. Anyways.
If you have pm-ed me right before the WW, I am sorry I haven't gotten back to you; I will soon (this doesn't include mod positions). I unless you have a persuasive argument, I will not be accepting anymore pms about being a moderator; I gave you enough time to write me a paragraph long pm so it's done for this round.

February 1st, 2008
-JB is looking for moderators
-WW starts tomorrow
-lessispixies birthday is tomorrow!

Notes: Wow guys, I never thought that this forum would grow to the size it has. Rest asure that the moderators we have are doing a wonderful job (you guys are! Really!), but I think we are going to need to add to the moderator ranks. If you are interested, please see the thread I set up for it, and pm me. If you have already asked about this, I still need you to do it. Bonne chance! (a.k.a Good Luck!). Let's keep in mind also that the next WW start TOMORROW! Very Happy I know that we will get a lot done! If ever you need to take a break for writing, you can head over to the Birthday section and wish lessispixie a Happy Birthday. Note that this is not considered breaking the rules.
On another note, happy first of February eveyone!

January 30th, 2008
-Today is Bewitched birthday!
-Contest will be opening up

Notes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEWITCHED! We all wish you a great day and year!!
The Contest will be opening up, and during the WW would be a great time to write an entry! Think about it!

January 29th, 2008
-Bewitched has her birthday tomorrow! Remember to wish her a great one!
-Contest will be up tomorrow!

Notes: Bewitched has her birthday on the 30th of January, so remember to head over to the Birthday section of the forum and give her your well-wishings. Also, I will be putting the new contest up tomorrow, and I'd love it if everyone got involved!

January 26th, 2008
-JB is doing some forum cleaning Smile
-Contest coming next week! Look for it!
-WW is February 2nd-3rd! Get ready!

Notes: I'll be going through some threads today and deleting the locked ones (with the exceptions being the Events section and Introduction section) that haven't been used, as well as some thread repeats that have been popping up. Don't worry; I will only do this if there is a reason for it. I will not be taking away anything popular or important.
Also, we will be introducing another contest next week (woot woot!) which is oddly just before the Writer's Weeknd. Hmmm, who planned that out I wonder? I'm sure no needs another reminder about the up coming WW, but for all those who are new, check out the Events thread (it's explained in full there). Have a great Saturday all!

January 22nd, 2008
-Reached 50 members, and have over 4000 posts
-Very Happy

Notes: Hey everyone! You guys have no idea how happy I am that this forum has really taken off in these last few weeks. Thank-you to every single member! On a different note, I will be even more MIA, and need a break from reality (even writing unfortunately). I won't worry because I know my moderators will take good care for everything, and I will stop in a check occasionally.
I love you

January 14th-16th, 2008
-Bluepolarbear won first place for our first Contest!
-jasperlover won second place for our first Contest!

Notes: Congradulations to the both of you! Bravo on masterfully done pieces of work!
Okay, I have been a little MIA lately, and will be for the next little while. As most know, now is the time for exams, and I am beyond stressed. Unfortunately I will not be able to respond to pm or do anything on here that takes me more then 15 seconds. You may see my name at the bottom as logged on, for I do check it (and keep it opened on my computer) everyday, so I know we are still doing well. If, for some reason you need to get a hold me, email me (it's in my profile). Have a great week everyone, and get some writing done!

January 12th, 2008
-JB is now accepting Contest #1 - Opened entires (please see Events section for more details, rules, and guildlines)
-Must have all entires by Sunday 13th, 2008 by 12:00 pm noon.

Notes: I already have some entires, so thank-you to those that have submitted one! Please submit your entiry as soon as you can either today, or tomorrow before 12 noon. We will be announcing the winner and runner-up on Sunday evening. Don't leave it until the last minute!

January 7th-8th, 2008
-Three new moderators; Apolla Savre, Annie and xXTwilightGrlXx
-Over 35 registered members, and over 2400 posts
-First Contest started: Contest #1- Opened

Notes: Congradulations to our new mods., and good luck to you. Remember to check out the Event section of the forum and take a look at the new contest. Are you up for the challenge? Smile


January 4th, 2008
-Thank you everyone so much for all of the birthday wishes!
-Every member is wonderful!

Notes: You guys are astounding, did you know that? Go and get some writing done today!


January 3rd, 2008
-Happy Vampire Birthday Apolla!!
-You are awesome and in the most animated lanuage we all wish you an amzing day, and a fantastic year!


January 2nd, 2008
-30 registered members
-Addition of spiffy Portal
-Moderator Positions up for the taking

Notes: We are on a roll people! Moderators will be decided once enough people have pm-ed me about it. Portal is pretty cool, no?


December 29th-30th, 2007
-First ever Writer's Weekend, and was a great success!
-Reached over 1000 posts
-Surpassed 25 members

Notes: Our first WW was truely wonderful and so many people made such great progress! The people that participated deserve much credit and applause!


Demember 23rd-25th, 2007
- Start of Writer's Draft (woot woot!!)
- Sucessful: launch of forum (thank goodness for that!), registaration of members, posting of topics, and general smooth sailing.
- JB didn't lose her mind making this. It was touch and go for a while but she pulled through Very Happy
- No major malfunctions or problems
- First Writer's Weekend planned on December 29th-30th, 2007.

Notes: Yay everyone! YAY. We now have a forum for us devoted to writing!

The Writer's Draft Poem
Take a seat in front of the screen,
Have with you only your chocolate and thoughts.
Embrace the journey to places only you've seen,
When the characters take you wherever they want.
Read through the trials of other writers,
In thoughts posted daily on two dozen threads.
Tales of love triangles and freedom fighters,
Ensure that none of us will soon go to bed.
Read when you're away from the desk;
Share your thoughts online the next day.
Decide for yourself which author's the best
Relax in knowing we can all have a say.
A home within home,
For all to live, love, write and laugh--
The Writer's Draft.
An acrostic poem by ceenindee
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Helpful Info and Admin Updates
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